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Thank you for inquiring about BGPS-Alarm – Tel-A-Tech services. In this section you will discover the scope of our cabling services, including technical, installation, and consulting services. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your project, you are welcome to contact us via email or telephone. We look forward to working with you.

We understand that quality installations guarantee quality clients. Our performance record and business philosophies are the reasons why small and large companies look to us for our expertise.

Video Surveillance

Your surveillance project deserves the skill and attention only BGPS-Alarm – Tel-A-Tech personally can provide. Our management, technicians, testing equipment, components and cable are critical to providing long lasting service and value for your company’s safety and protection needs.

    Design installation and certification of your video surveillance systems.

  • Installation of Coax, Cat 5, Cat 6 and fiber optic cabling
  • Focus of all cameras
  • Installation of domes, brackets, and housings
  • Troubleshooting of existing CCTV systems
  • Hidden camera locations
  • Low light level color cameras
  • High Resolution cameras
  • 24hr Real Time DVR’S


Voice & Data

BGPS-Alarm – Tel-A-Tech Communications is highly skilled at implementing all types of voice & data structured cabling projects from engineering to the final testing. The services provided below are for commercial & residential.

    Design installation and certification of your voice and data voice & data structured systems.

  • Feeder cabling
  • Riser cabling
  • Fiber backbone
  • Arial cabling
  • Telephone systems
  • Removal of existing systems
  • Testing and troubleshooting existing data cables
  • Re-Termination of existing data cables
  • Communication room installations


Fiber Optics

Your fiber optic project deserves the skill and attention only BGPS-Alarm – Tel-A-Tech can provide. Our management, technicians, testing equipment, components and cable are setting new quality standards and providing long-term stability to your company’s infrastructure.

    Design installation and certification of multi mode & single mode fiber optic cabling systems.

  • Backbone cabling (24Fibers to 864Fibers)
  • Riser cable (Inter-building or Intra-building)
  • Arial cabling (rural or urban)
  • Conduit installations
  • MTRJ terminations
  • Polishing termination
  • Non polishing termination
  • Pre-polished termination
  • Testing and troubleshooting of existing fiber optic cables (power meter, OTDR, VFL)
  • Fusion splicing with Sumitomo (core or profile alignment)
  • OTDR testing with GN Net test (multimode or single-mode)
  • Ribbon or loose-tube splicing for campus, LAN’s or emergency restorations


Intercom Solutions

BGPS-Alarm – Tel-A-Tech Communications offers many types of audio and video intercoms and has worked with educational manufacturers, commercial real estate firms, apartment houses and highway authorities to install these critically important systems.

    Live communication is often an important component of your total security solution, especially where visual identification of visitors is not possible, or employees are in remote and potentially dangerous situations.
  • Intercom Solutions: Audio Intercom, Video Intercom
  • Single Door to Multi-Location, and Enterprise Level Networks
  • Background Music and Paging Systems
  • School Intercom and Paging Systems


Access Control Systems

BGPS-Alarm – Tel-A-Tech provides a full range of access control solutions that give you the power to know who is in your facility, and when.

With our access control systems, you can prevent access by unauthorized visitors and restrict access to sensitive areas of your organization.

  • Electronic Access Control: Track employee access, generate traffic reports, prevent access by unauthorized visitors, and restrict access on a person-by-person basis.
  • Biometrics: Lost cards, forgotten passwords, and outdated keypads are a thing of the past. Biometric identification through fingerprints, iris scans, facial identification, and other technologies is unobtrusive, but reliably restricts access to your facilities and sensitive areas.
  • Visitor Management: Track and monitor where visitors are inside your organization. Go beyond a simple badge or barcode to track usage statistics by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor locations within a facility.
  • HSPD-12 & FIPS-201 Compliant Solutions: Government agencies and private businesses that need to comply with security mandates require a security contractor who understands those mandates. Tyco Integrated Security offers solutions that are deployment-ready.


Smart Home Systems

As the designers of your automation, entertainment, energy management, and communications systems, BGPS-Alarm – Tel-A-Tech Communications creates new lifestyles by leveraging proven, and amazing technology.

CRESTRON Lighting Distribuitor & CRESTRON AV Dealer

    When it comes to your home and your life, you don’t settle for anything but the very best. You want everything to be complete, easy and worry-free.
  • Home Automation Process & Capabilities
  • Energy Saving Climate Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Whole House Audio Video Systems
  • Outdoor Entertainment Systems
  • Media Rooms Design & Installation
  • Home Theater Systems & Installation
  • Commercial Audio Visual Design & Installation


Fire Alarm

BGPS-Alarm – Tel-A-Tech Communications brings the best in the Fire Alarm Business. Our Fire Alarm Systems promptly notify central stations of a fire or other life safety hazard in the earliest stages. The bottom line is high quality protection for the soundest peace of mind for you and your premises.

BGPS-Alarm – Tel-A-Tech offers the following detection systems in a variety of configurations. Many can be easily integrated with other building systems for masterful control.

  • Sprinkler Waterflow Alarm: Detects the flow of water when a sprinkler system is activated
  • Sprinkler Supervisory Service: Monitors the conditions of various functions of a sprinkler system including low water pressure, temperature, gate valve positions, and fire pump(s)
  • Smoke Detection: activates upon the first invisible or visible products of combustion or smoke accumulation
  • Industrial Building Supervision: Includes monitoring of functions such as boiler failure, abnormal increase or decrease of temperature and flood control of the domestic water supply
  • Fire Alarm Reporting Life Safety and Evacuation Systems: designed to meet all building codes.

Top 10 Reasons to use our services:

  • ALARM RESPONSE AT NIGHT: We have technicians on duty until midnight (not just program operators) to make your problem our problem.
  • SAVINGS: First Cost for a Fire Alarm is often not the big cost. Test & Inspection cost, cleaning cost, repair cost, service cost, and service calls can be a huge expense with other companies.
  • MONITORING: We monitor your Fire- alarm signals, not just the Central Station. In this way, we can spot problems before they become emergencies.
  • CARE PROGRAM: With New York City Fire-Alarm’s “Fire Alarm Care Program” we can eliminate Fire Department fines, penalties, violations, and summonses as no other provider can.
  • BEST EQUIPMENT: We only install the best from General Electric / United Technologies Corporation. We are a G/E factory authorized dealer.
  • FLEXIBILITY: We can work with your electrician, if needed, to supervise the installation. Then we can be your fire service company.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: With New York City Fire Alarm you are important – not just a number.
  • PERSONALIZED SERVICE: With New York City Fire-Alarm’s you will have your own dedicated technician who knows your building.
  • QUALITY: We only install life-of-the-building quality equipment.
  • RAPID RESPONSE: Our rapid response, for all your Fire-alarm needs will save you money in the long run.

…and reason #11 – We Care!

  • Customer Service First
  • Alarm Service at Night
  • Rapid Response to Problems
  • Emergency Service


Intrusion Alarms

BGPS-Alarm – Tel-A-Tech Communications will work with you to custom-build the commercial intrusion alarm system that best fits your needs. Whether it’s the size of your business, specific considerations for your industry or simply budget concerns, we will design, install, monitor and maintain the  most appropriate intrusion alarm system possible, in order to protect you business.

    BGPS-Alarm – Tel-A-Tech Communications offers:
  • “Hold-up” or “panic” alarms (silent / audible) designed to generate immediate response to emergency situations.
  • Protection for exterior doors and windows as well as custom designed interior detection devices.
  • Central station monitoring operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, offering live phone support at all times.

Our state of the art security equipment will give you & your family something that is very difficult to put an accurate price on: “Peace of Mind”.

We offer sophisticated simplicity. Our security systems are designed and installed to provide you with the necessary tools needed to assure the ultimate in electronic security & fire protection.

We design, install and monitor systems that are custom-made for commercial establishments, based on business type, building configuration and security requirements.